Hey readers! I am THE P.S . My blog name is THE WORLD OF MATHS . FIRSTLY I’LL TELL YOU GUYS ABOUT ME . So hello everyone I m a student of class 10 . I have choose this topic bcz I love Maths . It is like my hobby or u can say passion to solve difficult problems. My love towards MATHS started when I was in class 6th .

Let me tell u guys my life before this . So my so-called struggles started when I was in class 1st . I was an average student especially in MATHS. My Marks were not very good . Actually I was afraid of that word MATHS . Even whenever I heard that word MATHS I got tensed . So many questions were suddenly revolving around my mind like HOW WILL I AM GOING TO DO THIS ? WILL I ABLE TO DO IT OR NOT ?AND WILL I GET SUFFICIENT MARKS? and many more. When I was in class 3rd I don’t complete my work project works and other stuff when teachers asked me about that I simply lied to them . I wS becoming a liar day by day just because I don’t want to study . In fact in class i had just crossed my limits I lied to my father about my MATHS test in which I score 11/20 marks . When papa came to know that I m lying he didn’t scold me but he explained me that lying is not a good thing and especially lying to your parents. From that day I decided that I’ll never lie to my parents like never ever . Then after that incident I studied hard and got 92 out of 100 Marks in maths . Every one in my family was happy . Then I realized that if I got even more Marks how much he happier he will be, from that day my lovestory began. Then in class 7th I got 71outof 80 and got 1 place in class . Then in class 8th this time I m above an average to a good student I was in this class I had studied harder as I can as a fruit of that hardwork I got 79 out of 80 marks in MATHS and conquered the first position in all 6 sections of class 8th . My father was really very happy and I was on cloud nine that was my first achievement . And in the same class I got prize as I came 4th in the class that was a book of famous book writers NORMAN VINCENT . Every one was happy . If I tell u the truth I was in shock , how can I got that prize🤣 THAT Was literally funny for me but at same time a proud moment for my parents.

Currently I m in class 10 going to give my boards in few months ,feeling very nervous. 🤐🤐

The reason why I have told u guys my story is if a girl like me who hates maths and thought it was moster that haunts her ,can overcome her fear not only overcome but can love that subject ,then why those students who hates can love it and understand it .

So guys let’s make it easy




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